Features of All Accounts

The MBizSites dashboard provides its users with a number of features designed to help better manage their landing page or full website. Below are some of the features that are available to users of ALL accounts (MBizPage through MBizLoyalty).

Contact Form

One of the most important features of a website is the ability to capture key contact information from current and prospective consumers. The Contact Form widget can help generate sales by capturing key contact information or as a way for current consumers to submit support requests. In addition, you can easily view all form submissions from your dashboard and even export as an Excel (.xlsx) file. Want to cut down on spam form submissions? No problem with the built in Google Captcha integration. The widget also features integrations with AWeber, Constant Contact, Highrise CRM,  Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zapier, and Zoho CRM. These integrations make sure that the necessary information can be easily synced with the cloud-based applications your organization is using.

Templates | Versioning

There are times when you will want to change the content or add pages to your website. MBizSites allows you to save all your pages as either a Template that you can use when creating new pages or as a Version that you can roll back to at a later date. There are many times where multiple pages of your website should have the same flow and adding the page by using a Template makes it easier to add the content. In addition, there are a couple of reasons why Versioning is valuable. The first is when you want to play around with the content or design. By creating a page version before you start, it ensure you can revert back to the previous version of the page if do not like the changes made. A second reason for using versioning applies to organizations who have a different focus based on what season or month it is.

Custom App Icon

When you create a website, it should carry your brand throughout the site. This includes making sure your Favicon and Mobile App Icon matches your logo. You can upload an icon that is used as your Favicon from the "Settings" tab in the dashboard. In addition, every page of your website can have a custom app icon. The custom app icon is what will show up on users' mobile devices when they save the page to home screen of their smartphone or tablet.

Header & Footer Codes

If you are utilizing third-party applications that require you to add code to either the Header or Footer of your website, this can easily be accomplished with MBizSites. You can do it globally (on all pages of your account) by clicking "Site Footer and Header" from the dashboard. If you want to apply just a Header code to specific pages, this can be done through the "Settings" link when editing the corresponding page.

YouTube Videos

Video is in and helps engage users. Accordingly, embedding a YouTube video could not be easier. With the built in YouTube Widget, you can simply add any YouTube video by pasting the video's URL into the widget's field. With this widget, when the video ends, it does not load new videos and thus makes sure users see just what you want them to watch.

Upload & Share Files

If you want to share information with your visitors, you can upload PDFs, Word and Excel Documents, vCards, MP4 Video Files and MP3 Audio Files that can then be downloaded by visitors. Max file size is 50 MB. Please note, MBizSites should not be viewed as a secure cloud storage platform. Instead, it is just a great way to share information with visitors that is considered public information.

Maps & GeoLocation

An important feature of a good mobile website platform is the ability to make sure people can easily get directions to your physical location(s). With MBizSites, you can embed a single location using the Maps Widget or multiple locations as part of the GeoLocation Widget. When utilizing GeoLocation, you will be able to add all of your physical locations and even divide them into searchable categories  through the Dashboard. When users are viewing your website, they will be asked to share their current location. Once shared, locations will then be displayed based on distance from the user.

Mobile Coupons

Drive people to your location by offering a mobile coupon. When creating your coupons, you can add a description, images, and any redemption instructions and policies. If your point-of-sale system uses barcodes, then you can easily upload barcode images that allow for scanning at your location. You can also allow users to redeem just one time or unlimited times. Know who is redeeming your coupons by having staff members enter their personal ID before the coupon can be used. Finally, you can allow users to share the coupon on both Facebook and Twitter.

Stats & Reports

While it is hard to beat Google Analytics, sometimes you just need quick stats about number of visitors and the pages they are accessing. Change the date range and even select individual pages to to dig deeper. This is perfect for A/B testing as you can create different flows and see which pages are generating the click-throws desired. Access your analytics and form submissions directly from the your Dashboard.

Tracking Campaigns

By integrating with goo.gl short URLs, the MBizSites platform allows you to not only generate short URLs for specific webpages, but to more importantly create campaigns based around each link or QR Code. Find out who how many people are accessing your website because of a QR code on your business card or flyer verse links shared on social media accounts, text messages, or email signatures.

BONUS: SpeakEz Code!

All accounts now come with a SpeakEz script code that allows users to "listen" to your content. This is valued at over $50! Simply add the script code (provided in your MBizTools Portal Dashboard) and let users LISTEN to the content on your website.

Features of MBizSites

Every feature presented above is part of all MBizPage, MBizSite, and MBizLoyalty packages. Please note that the following features are not part of the MBizPage package.

Custom HTML

With the number of great cloud-based applications, it is likely that you will want to embed something from a third-party platform. There are a number that we use and recommend so if you are looking for ideas, please contact us. However, you might already know some if you are using cloud-based video hosting like Vimeo or Wistia or an online shopping cart like Ecwid or Shopify or an online scheduler like MBizPro. Regardless of what you want to embed, it will benefit from the SSL Certificate applied to your MBizSite Account!

SSL Certificate

All MBizSite and MBizLoyalty packages come with a SSL Certificate for your account. With the amount of identity theft, it is important to provide security to your visitors so they know their contact information and payment information is secure. This article from CNN Money points out how Google is emphasizing when a website is "Not Secure".  In addition to helping make sure you are careful with consumer information, having a SSL Certificate on a mobile-friendly website will help your search engine optimization. A SSL Certificate can be added to a MBizPage account for $35/year.

"Unlimited Pages"

There is no limit on your storage or website size. With a MBizSite account you can add unlimited pages. Note that once you get over 500 pages, you may be charged an additional $0.01/page. This is because the only limitation on uploading files is 50 MB per file. Accordingly, you have the flexbility to make sure your website grows with your organization. The page count is directly related to the "Edit Pages" section of your dashboard and is not related to the Blog Engine integration.

M-Commerce (PayPal)

The M-Commerce Widget allows you to create a basic shopping cart. Through the Dashboard, you can integrate your MBizSite with PayPal by filling in the required API fields. Once integrated, your MBizSite turns into an e-commerce website. Please note that MBizSites is not trying to compete with Ecwid and Shopify which are designed for e-commerce (both can be used with MBizSites - see Custom HTML). The M-Commerce feature is designed for organizations that offer a few stand-alone products or services and want users to pay via PayPal.

LoCalendar Account

When it comes to sharing upcoming events with website visitors, you want a nice calendar widget that offers flexbility and all the features needed to engage prospective attendees. After a lot of searching, we partnered with LoCalendar and are pleased to offer all MBizSite accounts with a Premium LoCalendar account. Please note, that in order to receive your free account, you will need to use the link emailed to you once your MBizSite account is set up. From there, you can customize your LoCalendar account, generate the embed codes, and add to your MBizSite via the Custom HTML widget.

Domain Integrated Blog

People and organizations use blogs for two main reasons. The first is to share information and use to help build their brand awareness. The second is to help with search engine optimization. With the Blog Engine integration, you are able to accomplish both. You will receive unlimited pages for blogging and URLs are tied to your custom domain. Please note that your MBizSite blog will not hold MBizSites customization. Instead, it is designed to enhance your domain authority and provide you a blog platform.

Features of MBizLoyalty

Do you have a way to reward your customers? If not, then you should stronly consider the MBizLoyalty package. You will receive the benefits of all the features listed above as well as the ones listed below!

Save $445 on all these great features through MBizSites!
Package valued at $1,120/year.
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Point System

You can elect to track your customers based on the amount of money they spend or by the number of times they visit your location. When rewarding for purchases, you can customize the number of points each person receives for every dollar spent. Tracking by "visits" can be used for true visits or to reward a specific action taken. In addition, you can create Bonus Actions that allow you to provide more points to them based on specific actions they take.

Locations & Staff

Make sure that all points are earned by tracking exactly which staff member adds points to any person's account. Simply add the staff members who are authorized to submit points and purchases. When redeeming a reward or entering a transaction, staff can specify the store or location. A list of all locations can be easily entered allowing for selection through a drop down form field. If no stores are entered, staff can simply type in the store number.

Member Information

Through MBizLoyalty, you can capture the most important information ... that of your customers. When members register their account, you will capture their name, e-mail address, mobile number, and can encourage them to provide you with their birthday. You can use this information to market to them in a number of ways including the built-in e-mail marketing platform designed for MBizLoyalty.

Reports & Status

Knowing how many of your customers are repeat customers is just part of the value MBizLoyalty can provide. In addition, you can see when they last earned points, how many points they have redeemed and which rewards they selected. This helps you determine which rewards provide the most incentive. In addition, you can enable a status level based on the number of points members earn over the course of a year.

Custom Rewards

A loyalty platform is valuable when people know what rewards are available. Through the dashboard you can upload images and descriptions of the various rewards people can earn as they accumulate points. This allows them to find out which rewards they currently are eligible for and how many points they still need to get the reward they want. You can even limit the number of times each specific reward can be redeemed.

E-mail Marketing

This is not your typical e-mail marketing platform and is not designed to replace your mass e-mail marketing platform. Through MBizLoyalty, you can send out mobile friendly emails that are designed to provide customers with their current status, reach out customers who have not made a purchase in a while, and even send birthday wishes to those who provide you with their birthday.

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